Safer Ways to Text

Of course there are ways to text and drive and remain safe. Millions of skilled experts do it everyday. There are those who are considered “SuperTaskers,” these people are leagues ahead of your average multi-tasking marvels. Their unique almost superhuman abilities give them that added edge need to text and drive safely. The following are safer ways to text while driving. Brought to you by our sponser Atlanta Towing!

These heroes of modern driving can be seen on the roadways on a daily basis. We see them at traffic lights, putting on mascara or shaving. We watch them, from our perch on an overpass as they whiz by on the freeway below, cell phone in hand and thumbs flying. We mere mortals envy them their dexterity and the super vision. What we would not give to be able to see where we are going through the tops of our heads.

We feel at a loss next to these marvels of society. There we are still thinking 10 and 2 for maximum control. How foolish we are, since it is proven on a daily basis that it is perfectly reasonable, that a machine with an engine capable of producing the equivalent speed and awesome power of hundreds a stallions at full gallop can easily be controlled with one knee. Move over Clark Kent the “SuperTaskers” have arrived and they are the, Heroes of the Highways.

With their super hearing they are adept at the reflector navigation. Deftly keeping their vehicle in the proper lane, by adjusting the trajectory with their knee, every time they hear the thump, thump, thump of tire on a road reflector.

Yet these super beings are being oppressed and persecuted by the Federal, the State and also the Local governments all over . A media, who cannot seem to understand that they are different, unique, set apart from mere mortals is constantly maligning them. Who will take a stand for these unsung heroes of the highway? Who will champion their cause?

Maybe it should be the more than 20,000 people who die each year a result of texting and driving. Or why not the thousands who are seriously injured, ones whose lives will never be the same because e they are in a wheel chair or worse. Or maybe the orphan who will never know his/her parent, because some “SuperTasker” had a run in with a bit, of whatever Kryptonite they were unaware that they were vulnerable to had caused their infallible abilities to fail. It is evident by the shock on their faces, if they indeed they survive the impact, that it never occurred to them that they were not impervious.

Conclusion: The best Safer way to text while driving is to realize that the odds are against you and not do it at all. People talk on the cell phone, text, use the laptop and more while driving the streets . It has been statistically proven that flying is safer than riding in an automobile.

Its better and important to keep in mind , let’s get real and see the truth, texting while driving is dangerous, period.