Dangers of Texting

Even though it has become a favorite mode of communication, text messaging can be very dangerous to your relationship if interpreted the wrong way. Not having a verbal connection with a person can lead to feelings of mis represented words. If the person you are involved with requires a lot of emotional support, texting words on the screen will not be sufficient to allow the person to feel supported. Instead, you will be trying to explain yourself when you are together.

Misunderstandings happen all the time in situations where text conversation is used. It is because you may not understand the emotions that the individual who is sending a message is currently having. Therefore you will have difficulties trying to understand their viewpoint without being able to hear such things as the tone in their voice. Also, the fact that text messaging is so quickly accomplished means that the other person might have difficulty understanding why you’re not putting more time into the conversation or relationship. I know a guy over at Atlanta Ga gutter cleaning who broke up with his girlfriend over a couple of accidental texts!

Just because your partner is quick to send a text message does not mean that you have the time to respond. It can cause problems in relationships in part if one party feels that the other person is not making them a priority. When your spouse feels that they are not a priority in your life, problems will arise. Finding a way to make enough time to respond to every message can often be difficult when you have a hectic schedule.

Identifying the intentions of messages between colleagues and friends can also be difficult. Even if your partner does not intend to be flirtatious with someone they are texting, their intentions can be easily misunderstood. It ultimately can lead to trouble in the relationship when one person feels that there are unclear motives in a relationship. It can be difficult to explain especially if the trust has already broken between two people.

Choosing to use text messages only when necessary is a smart move. You are only one text away from sending their message to the wrong person. It can mean that you have created chaos where there previously wasn’t any. Misunderstandings from this direct messages can take a long time to overcome. The selection of the ideal time to use texting can be a delicate process.

Technology can be useful however it should not be the primary mode of communication between two people involved in the relationship. If you do not have been a strong emotional connection with your partner, you may want to consider discontinuing the relationship because of a lack of willingness to communicate verbally with each other. Everyone deserves the right to be happy and healthy. Happy, healthy relationships require them to verbal communication to remain solid.

It may seem simplistic, but keep that commitment in mind the next time you are driving and have the urge to pick up your phone to send a text message. We are confident that the intended recipient of your text would prefer to wait until you stop driving to receive it, rather than run the risk of causing an accident. Much like drinking and driving, texting and driving don’t mix.